11 Apr 2014

Unfucking: Maintenance

Okay, so I have been pretty quiet for a little while, unfortunately I haven't been in a great place mentally recently, so haven't felt up to posting. I did manage to clean up the living room and have been doing some work on sorting out my bedroom but progress is slow and steady on that. And I will soon do a post on the living room.

Today I wanted to have a quick look at maintaining the improvements that have been made, as having a clean space makes me feel better, and I'm sure it does you too. It's good to do a deep clean and to blitz a room, but once it's done, decluttered, cleaned and sorted there is always the risk of letting it slide back to how it was. I've been there and done that a million times over, as I'm sure you have too.

Maintaining the clean spaces is easier than you might think, and here are a few of my tips for keeping on top of things:


  • When cooking the first thing you should do is fill the sink with hot water and washing up liquid. As you finish with something put it in the sink. When you have some time - such as when something is baking in the oven - clean what's in the sink, then after you've eaten all you have left to wash up is the dishes you've eaten from. 
  • Wipe down the sides after every washing up session, this means that the sides stay clear and clean ready for the next bout of cooking.
  • Before you go grocery shopping go through what you already have in the house, throw out anything that has expired or that no one will eat, make a note of what you have in and then MEAL PLAN and only buy what you'll need for the meals you've planned. You can plan weekly, monthly, daily - whatever works for your family. 
  • Floors get things on them, it's a fact of life. So once you've wiped down the sides (and probably brushed crumbs onto the floor) sweep or vacuum the floor, you then start building up a routine (fill sink, cook, eat, wash dishes, wipe sides, sweep floor) and it's easier to maintain things if you have routines to do so. 
  • Don't leave things in the drying rack indefinitely. In the morning put away the dishes you washed the night before or dry them with a tea towel once you've swept and put them away.
Living Room

  • Pick stuff up as you leave the room. You might have gotten in from work, taken your shoes off and put them away, then realised you need to take the socks off too, that's fine, it's your house. Just remember to take them with you the first time you leave the room and put them in the laundry basket. The same goes with jumpers, cups, plates, packets of biscuits etc. Anything that doesn't have a home in the room goes back to it's home when you leave the room once you've finished with it. 
  • It takes five minutes to dust flat surfaces. Put a song on that you like, damp cloth in hand and run it over all the flat surfaces, don't worry too much about knick-knacks you can do them on the weekend, but please dust at least twice a week. Dust builds up quickly, and it builds up even faster the more people and pets that live in the house. It can also aggravate conditions such as hayfever and asthma.
  • Vacuuming after dusting doesn't take long, put on another song and bop around the room like it's a disco just for you while pushing the vacuum around getting all the dislodged dust, pet hair and general dirt off the carpet or floor. 

  • We all clean our bodies, whether that's in a bath or shower, or at least we should... So once you're out of the bath or shower and are drying off wrap yourself in the towel and give your surfaces a wipe down, you can't get clean in a dirty space can you? It takes two minutes and it means that the next time you go in, it's already clean. 
  • The mirror gets attacked by all kinds of stuff from toothpaste to hair products to simple water splashes. Give it a spritz with some white vinegar and wipe it down with a dry cloth once a week to keep it sparkling. 
I hope these little tips help you maintain your clean spaces.

Let me know if you have any easy maintenance tips or tricks, or share your stories of cleaning and keeping clean! 

1 Apr 2014

Unfucking: Food - Green and Yellow Pasta Bake

Alright, so I've just prepared my lunches for the week, it took twenty minutes to do, and is delicious and oh so simple to make.

I've called it Green and Yellow Pasta Bake


Pasta (any type) - 5 servings
Cheese Sauce Mix - 1 Packet
Milk - However much your sauce requires
Peas (frozen) - However much you like
Sweetcorn (frozen) - However much you like
Breadcrumbs - Enough to cover your serving dish

(You can use other vegetables if you want I just happened to have a lot of peas and sweetcorn in the freezer!)


- Cook your pasta (I'm assuming you know how to make pasta to your own taste)
- Prepare the sauce (according to the instructions and in a pan big enough to take the pasta and vegetables)
- Cook the veg
- Once they're all cooked combine them together in a pan before transferring them to a oven safe casserole/serving dish (Preheat your oven to Gas Mark 6)
- Cover the top of the pasta/sauce/veg mix with breadcrumbs (you can also sprinkle some cheese on the top if you wanted)
- Cook in the oven for approximately 10 minutes

Once it's cooked take it out of the oven and allow to cool.

I'm going to be taking it into work in Tupperware to heat up for lunch but it would also make a yummy family meal!

Handy hint! - If you have already unfucked your kitchen run a sink full of hot water before starting cooking, then pots can soak while you do other things and they're easier to clean. You can also wash the saucepans and utensils while this bakes in the oven meaning after eating you only need to wash the dish you baked this in and the dishes and utensils you ate with!

Here's a photo of my creation as I tuck into one portion for my tea!

Give it a go and let me know the verdict!

Bon appetit!

Unfucking: Day 2 - Every Little Helps

Today has been difficult, I suffer from Migraines and the past couple of nights they've been keeping me awake, this means that I have been unable to go to work, and have been exhausted. So today I decided that I wan't able to do a lot of unfucking, but even a little everyday helps.

So yesterday I put a load of laundry on and set it to dry in my bedroom on the airer, today it was all dry so I folded it up and put it in it's place.

Today I have put the cover from the sofa bed Garbijj claims as his own into the laundry, and it's currently drying in my bedroom on the airer. I have wiped down the sides in the kitchen and made my sink sparkly again.

The final thing I did was to sort out the side table next to the sofa I am currently living on so that it I felt a little better about it.

These things aren't major, but each small task is one less to do later. Each one is a step towards a completely unfucked home and life.

So I'm trying, even wading through the fog of sleeplessness and depression (which I'm also battling at the moment).

If I can do it, I'm sure you can manage five minutes of unfucking too! Even just a clearer, cleaner side table or decluttered drawer can lift your spirits a little.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on! Share your achievement, however small it may seem to someone else, make that first step!

31 Mar 2014

Unfucking: Day 1 - Bathroom

So with the kitchen overhauled, decluttered and generally unfucked today I decided to tackle the bathroom. 

Disclaimer: I recently laid new vinyl flooring in the bathroom so it was already in a better state than it used to be!

I did however manage to do some serious decluttering and unfucking of the drawers and cabinet, alongside cleaning the sink, bath, shower and toilet. So here is the photographic evidence.

Bath and Shower area
Nice tidy sink, and the drawers on either side have been sorted too!

I forgot to take a before of this one, but it was a mess, now it's not!
So that's two rooms done, now just the bedroom, hallway and living room to sort, once I get them to a reasonable state we'll start looking at the 'How To...' guides, and things like meal planning, recipes and other life unfucking things. 

30 Mar 2014

Unfucking : Day Zero - Kitchen

So today I decided I need to clean up the shit tip I call home and found a site to help me do it Unfuck Your Habitat hence the name of this blog.

I've lived in my one bed flat for two years and have a beautiful little cat called Garbijj, he doesn't make too much mess (ignoring the litter strewn across the kitchen floor) so all this mess is mine, and honestly it's getting me down.

In order to motivate myself I have decided to keep this blog as a record of my progress during my initial deep clean and then my maintenance of the order I intend to create in this house.

So let the cleaning begin...

I've made a start on the Kitchen so I'll show you those 'After' photos as I didn't take any 'Before' shots.
Shiny sink
(Just need to sort out the windowsill)
Clean for cooking

First time I've seen all my crockery and lasses clean and sorted all at once! 
Tea anyone? And yes that is a cat shaped teapot!

I have managed to find a 'Before' and 'After' pic of Garbijj's feeding area and the larder so here you go...

Larder cupboard - it's now easier to find food! (And the black thin at the bottom of the pictures is Garbijj)

Tomorrow I'm going to make a start on the Bathroom.

Eventually I will get round to doing some 'How To...' guides for how I managed my cleaning along with hints and tips gathered from friends, family and the interweb!

Are you doing a spring clean? Got any helpful hints on how to tackle slovenly living? Let me know in the comments box below.